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[sticky entry] Sticky: Welcome to My World

Jul. 24th, 2018 11:33 am
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Semi-friends only, Artwork, graphics, and icons will be unlocked. Personal stuff, prompt stories, and fan-fic will be closed. Feel free to add me!
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15. Whats your favorite genre of movie?

I'm not sure if I have a favorite genre of movie. I like a lot of different types of films. But I am also the type of person that likes to go to the movies and turn my brain off for two hours. So, if I had to choose a favorite genre, it would be a toss between action and comedy. I used to be such a HUGE Fast and Furious fan. I've watched every movie up until Paul Walker's death (RIP). I'd also throw super hero movies into the action genre, too.
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14. Whats your favorite genre of book

I guess my favorite genre is romance. I like classic romance (Sandra Brown), Romantic Suspense/Drama (Nora Roberts), and Regency Romance (Sabrina Jefferies). This is my crackfic! I do read a lot of different books and it really depends on how I am feeling at the moment or what catches my attention. Right now I have a stack of books that are still unread. I imagine I will be able to get to them after May.
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I am working on two WIPS right now and I find my muse is is more interested in one fic than the other. So, I thought I'd have a little discussion on WIPS.

Let's talk about WIPS.

How many people are currently working on WIPS?
How many WIPS do you usually find yourself working on at once?
Have you ever finished a WIP? How long was it?
How many WIPS do you have abandoned? What happened in the writing process that made it fizzle out?
When you write your WIPS, do you have everything planned out chapter by chapter? or do you fly by the seat of your pants? Is it a little bit of both?

For those of you who post on DW, LJ, and/or AO3, do you post your WIPS as you write them or do you wait until your work is completed. Do you think this has an effect on your Kudos? What do you think readers attitudes are toward WIPS?

Does anyone use Wattpad for posting fics?

Also if you are working on a WIP and want to share, drop a link! :D
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13. Whats the best fanfic you've read?

I am super picky about the fanfic I read and I must admit that a lot of what I see on DW is out of my list of fandoms that I enjoy. I joined AO3 in January and I have found a lot of great fic. The best fic I have read is by my former Beta reader, [ profile] Diadema. My favorite fic of hers is one titled All Roads Lead to Rome which reads like a novel tie-in to the movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015). It is awesome! She writes a lot of lovely Gallya fics :)
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11.Fave roleplay

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was in bereavement day camp all day yesterday and didn't get a chance to do day 11. So I'll be doing a double post.

My favorite roleplays are always the ones where I collaborate with [personal profile] kaleidodope. She is my rp soulmate. We've done so many genres together. She was the Lestat to my Louie, the bestie in our college rp back in the day. But if I had to choose my very favorite it would Blood Stained Love Story. This is an original RP between her character Kalyani and my Noah Mason. The story was a continuation from an RP that took place on Myspace back in the day. We picked it back up in August of 2018 and finished it in October or November. Best RP ever.

Day 12 )
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10. Do you Roleplay

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Could I be anymore into roleplay? *Chandler Bing voice.* The short answer is yes, I roleplay. I decided to switch the order of question 10 and 11 because it makes more sense for me to do it this way. Anyhoo, yes I love to roleplay. My very first character was Ken-drah, de vam-pire slay-er. I started roleplaying back in 2004-2005 I think.So, I've been at it for awhile. I took a long hiatus from it and completely ruined a story I wasn working on with my long time RP partner [personal profile] kaleidodope. But we finally got it together and just smashed an AU with our characters on IJ. I think it's over 150 prompt post between the two of us. Over the years we've moved away from comment rping with all the cumbersome rules of "god-moding" and the like. Both of us have rp'd with each other since 2004, so we trust each other not to put each others characters in weird or uncomfortable situations. In fact, we learn as much about each others characters that writing for them is like second nature to us. The great thing about this style of rp is that it gives us the freedom to move through storylines and tell a well woven story. We constantly communicate with each other about the direction we want it to go. Since I've returned to RP in July of 2018, we completed 3 storylines with each other. Those are Blood Stained Love Story, That Old Feeling, and the yet to be titled AU we did on IJ. I'm not sure how long I'll keep rping. I'm sure I'll have to give it up one day so I can be better at adulting. For now it's a really fun way for me to relax and write for fun.
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Fluff Bingo is back for round two after its freshman debut! Do you like to write fluff? Do you want to try to your hand at writing more fluff? Then this is the prompt challenge for you!

Important dates

Quarter Two Fluff Bingo 2019

Sign up dates
March 15, 2019-March 31, 2019

Posting Dates to win Bingo
April 1, 2019-May 31, 2019

Amnesty Days
June 1, 2019- June 8, 2019

FAQ X Game Play X Updates X Sign Up

Copy the code to spread the word!

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9. Fave Broadway musical

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Honestly, I haven't seen very many Broadway plays. I saw "Cats" in the 8th grade and I got freaked out by the actors jumping off stage groping people. I remember sitting in my aisle chair praying that Elvis cat wouldn't pick me and start grinding on me. He picked some other poor, unfortunate soul a few seats back. I've seen really good off Broadway plays like "Bring in the Noise, Bring in the Funk!" and "Fella." But Broadway is expensive and with 5 kids, my parents didn't have the money to expose us to the arts. If my school didn't take us with a school discount, then I couldn't see it. But believe me, there were so many that I really wanted to see.

I'm not sure if this counts, but I saw the traveling show of "Wicked." That was fun because a few friends of mine used our UCF student discount to get the tickets. We went to this place called Hamburger Mary's to watch a live drag show over brunch and then we headed to see it. So, I guess Wicked is my favorite Broadway show by default. Although, I really don't remember it because I saw it six years ago and my memory isn't what it used to be. lol
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8. Fave video game
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I'm not a gamer. And I'm a simple kinda gal when it comes to gaming. My favorite video game to play is Super Mario Brothers original flavor. My Nintendo One finally stopped working in the early 2000s. I guess too many alcohol swaps finally caught up to it. Other games I like are Sonic The Hedge Hog and NBA Playground (Big Head Mode). After Nintendo I upgraded to a Playstation one and I also enjoyed playing Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bash. Once I got my Xbox, I really liked playing this game called the Reckoning.

Honorable mentions under the cut )
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[community profile] questionoftheday asks: What is something on your "to-do" list that never seems to get done? What could you possibly do to finally get it done and be able to finally cross it off of your list?

My answer:

There are two things... finish my nanowrimo novel. I stopped last year because I had a ton of school work due. I wrote a little over 25k. I'm also not as enthused about the story as I was when I first started it. I think it's because I am hypercritical of myself. I've trashed several novels because I hated them. I'll be done with my grad program by the time nano comes back around. Maybe I will finish it then.
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In this episode we learn that Angel is a vampire with a soul. According to Joss Whedon the soul in this show represents the conscience. It allows Angel the ability to choose right from wrong. His soul differentiates him from other vampires who do not have this ability because they don't have a soul. However, in later seasons Spike is able to make these same choices without the help of a soul after the removal of the chip The Initiative implanted in him.

Question #1

What do you think this says about Angel and Spike's character? Do you think Spike's behavior is rooted in conditioning (Like Pavlov) or something deeper? Why?

Question #1b: Whedon says that Angel's soul allowed him to make right choices, but it doesn't guarantee that he always will. Do you think Angel was aware of how inappropriate his relationship with Buffy was at the time? Or as viewers were we supposed to ignore this?

Question #2

Think back to the first time you watched this episode. Were you shocked that Angel was a vampire? Did you notice any clues or Easter eggs along the way?
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7. Fave singer

Your love is one in a million. It goes on and on and on...

This question was so easy for me. My favorite singer is the beautiful and iconic Aaliyah. This songstress first came on the scene back in the early 90's with her hit album "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number." Despite the controversy surrounding her then mentor (who will not be named), Aaliyah's legacy cannot be tarnished. She quickly rose to the top of the charts beating out her contemporaries, Monica and Brandy for the title of "the princess of R&B." She became a quadruple threat staring in movies such as "Romeo must die" along notable costars like Jet Li. Singer, dancer, model and actress, Aaliyah had it all. She went on to play in the movie adaption of Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned as Akasha. Unfortunately, Aaliyah was tragically killed just as her star was really about to take off. She was slated to play in the film Honey before her death (the role was filled by Jessica Alba) and in the Matrix Reloaded. Because she didn't film enough scenes before the plane crash that killed her, her scenes were reshot with Nona Gay in her role.

I still miss Aaliyah to this day. I remember watching her on 106 and Park a few days before her death promoting her self titled album Aaliyah. She looked beautiful in this all white outfit. I liked that she mixed sexy with street, finishing the ensemble with a pair of white air force ones. She was the only one in the industry at the time who pulled off this "sexy tomboy" look. Then a week or so later she was killed in the Bahamas after filming the Rock the Boat video. Some people think that her legacy was heightened by the tragedy of her death. She was only 22 when she died. But I still think that she paved the way for artists like Beyonce and Rihanna. I still listen to her music. Radio stations still honor her in her death 18 years later. She's still the princess of R&B in many of her fans hearts.
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I watched Captain Marvel over the weekend. I won't spoil the movie for you guys. I will say that I enjoyed it. Was I blown away? No. Did I enjoy "bad" DC movies more than this? Yes. I was far more entertained by the Justice League (which is arguably one of the worst movies in the genre). However, I will say that I am a DC fangirl, I might be a tad biased. Over all the movie was good. Captain Marvel is a solid super hero. She is definitely a strong woman both in and out of the costume.

With that said, WTF is up with these fanboys? They are so negative about women. It's like they HATE women. Which makes me question how any of them ever get laid. Seriously, with that much hate in their heart about women who would even bother giving them a time of day. I'm watching reviews of the movie and it's "agenda" this "agenda" that. The overarching theme is that this movie had an agenda against men. One of them said it was "female empowerment porn." This is the same attitude they had about Jodi's Doctor Who. They also gripe about Discovery. Is this just nerd/geek culture? Ugh. It's disgusting. What is soooooo wrong about female leads? These guys are disgusting. My hubby is a Blerd like me, but he never acted this way. I wouldn't have given him the time of day if he did.
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6.Fave band

I don't really have a favorite band. I like rock, classic and Indie rock, but I'm more of a hip-hop R&B fan. If I had to choose, I like Linkin Park. I saw them live in concert a few times. The last time I saw them live I was in the mosh pit. Chris Cornell (RIP) opened for them and sang his song "Long Gone." He crowd surfed over me and I got to touch his butt. So there's that. I also like Linkin Park's collaboration with Jay-Z. Honorable mention bands are The Bravery, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden/Audio Slave,Cold Play, and Muse. See, I really don't have a favorite. I like songs from each of these bands.

Now if this question was favorite hip hop artist, I'd say my top five are:

1. J Cole
2. The Notorious B.I.G.
3. Nas
4. Kendrick Lamar
5. Drake
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Fluff Bingo is back for round two after its freshman debut! Do you like to write fluff? Do you want to try to your hand at writing more fluff? Then this is the prompt challenge for you!

Important dates

Quarter Two Fluff Bingo 2019

Sign up dates
March 15, 2019-March 31, 2019

Posting Dates to win Bingo
April 1, 2019-May 31, 2019

Amnesty Days
June 1, 2019- June 8, 2019

FAQ X Game Play X Updates X Sign Up

Copy the code to spread the word!

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5. Fave movie.

I do not have just ONE favorite movie. I have a top 5 list. These are movies that I can watch over and over and never get tired of them. I know all the dialogue. I can give you a scene by scene reenactment of these movies because I have watched them so much. So, without further ado, here they are.

movies under the cut )
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4. Fave Book

I wish I could say my favorite book was something deep or great literature. But it's not. My favorite book is a book by Nora Roberts (AKA J.D. Robb) called Sweet Revenge.

From Amazon:

At twenty-five, Princess Adrianne lives a life most people would envy. Beautiful and elegant, she spends her days dabbling in charities and her nights floating from one glamorous gala to the next. But her pampered-rich-girl pose is a ruse, a carefully calculated effort to hide a dangerous truth.

For ten years Adrianne has lived for revenge. As a child, she could only watch the cruelty hidden behind the facade of her parents' fairy-tale marriage. Now she has the perfect plan to make her famous father pay. She will take possession of the one thing he values above all others--The Sun and the Moon, a fabled necklace beyond price.

Yet just as she is poised to take her vengeance, she meets a man who seems to divine her every secret. Clever, charming, and enigmatic, Philip Chamberlain has his own private reasons for getting close to Princess Adrianne. And only when it's too late will she see the hidden she finds herself up against two formidable men--one with the knowledge to take her freedom, the other with the power to take her life.

I love this book. The first time I read it, I think I was in the 8th or 9th grade. It was far too mature for a 12-13 year old, but hey. I eventually bought a copy of the book and read it until the binding started coming apart. I still own that book and I will read it again in a heartbeat.
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3. Fave TV Show

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This is another one that I've been thinking about for a few days. What is my favorite TV show? I initially thought this was a hard question because I like so many right now. However, after giving it some real thought, a favorite tv show is more than a show you like. I've already talked about Buffy once during this challenge. So, I want to dedicate this question to another TV show that I love. My favorite TV show is Friends. Yep, Friends. I think I stumbled on that show during it's fourth season on air after the WB and TBS ran it to death multiple times a night. After catching up on every season, I started watching it during its normal air time. I grew to love this show so much that I bought the "Scene It Friends" edition. One day my dad walked in on me watching the show and he got hooked. After awhile my entire family was watching it (there are seven of us). We soon realized that another family at our church loved the show as much as we did. We started having family game night with them once a month and the prize was a troll doll nailed to a two-by-four. Yes. We did that. I still watch friends. I still love this show. I don't really care about the criticism it gets because of the lack of diversity (and yes it is pretty bad). But the show is funny. it makes me laugh-- hard.
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[30] Crazy Rich Asians Icons
[♥] Comments are love
Credit if you snag

more under the cut )
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2. Fave OTP

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I thought this was going to be a hard one, but once I sat down and really thought about it, my OTP is Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Before I even watched BtVS there was Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman. Before I even knew what a ship was, I shipped those two big time. I remember watching week to week wondering when those two were going to finally get together. The missed opportunities, the fake outs, that whole big thing with Lois' frog clone. And when they finally got together I got my Ahhhhhhh moment. I felt the same way with Richard Donner's Superman the Movie and Superman II. When they finally got together in the second movie, I was in love. Although Man of Steel completely skipped over that process in the DCEU's attempt at Supes and Lois, I still love them. I tried to get on board with the Superman/Wonder Woman pairing in the New 52's... but Nah. Superman belongs to Lois. She's his lobster.

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